The man who built Emmas Way

David Ford of Station Road, Salhouse writes:

Your Little Plumstead web site (found after your letter of May 22, 2013, in the Eastern Daily Press) certainly brought back memories. As a family we moved to Salhouse in 1949 when I and my twin brother Peter were 13. I remember playing football for Salhouse Boys against Plumstead Colony, as we knew the hospital then.

Later, in 1964, when I was established as a builder, I bought quite a bit of land in Little Plumstead and built houses starting off in Post Office Road, then Crows Loke and Sandhole Lane, finishing up building Emmas Way, named after my daughter. I built properties for several local chaps – Joe Oakley, Lennie Layt and Dick Trett among others. I got to know Billy Maidstone the postman quite well.

When I started building, mains water had only just just been laid in the village. Prices of properties have always been of interest. When I started in Post Office Road, bungalows including garage would sell at £2,500 but when I finished in 1985 they were up to £25,000 and are now changing hands at £150,000.

I’ve just been reminded that my sister-in-law who was June Willimott lived in Crows Loke. She married my wife’s brother Bob Oakley from Ranworth.

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